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Airspy – Spy Server Scripts

I’ve had Spy Server working very successfully with the Pi 3 for a while now and have written a few time-saving scripts that others might find useful. These can be found in the attached zip file. Here’s a quick run through their function:, and – These scripts automatically change the Spy Server config file to suit the different receiver options. Key parameters changed are device_type, device_sample_rate, fft_fps and initial_gain. These scripts are easily edited to suit your preferences. – This gets the latest Airspy files from github and installs them. – Manually download spyserver-arm32.tgz from the Airspy site and then run this script to unpack and install it.

NB: leaves the config file set for an Airspy receiver. Run the receiver scripts above to change this or edit the script for your setup.

Hope you find these useful,

Click here for a ZIP file containing the scripts.

Mike – G4WNC


2 thoughts on “Airspy – Spy Server Scripts

  1. How do you run these scripts?

    I thought you’d just type them at the cmd line from within that directory, maybe with a sudo, but when I do that, all I get is :

    pi@raspberrypi:~/pishare $ sudo
    sudo: command not found
    pi@raspberrypi:~/pishare $

    1. Neil,

      Thanks for all your observations, I’ll get everything updated over the next couple of days. There are two steps to running a script in Linux as follows:

      1 – Enter: sudo chmod+x filename. So for you would enter: sudo chmod +x

      2 – To run the script Linux uses ./so for the same file, enter: ./ or if you need elevated permisions sudo ./

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