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The above zip file contains all you need to run your own RTTY software comparison using the techniques I described in the June 2018 edition of Practical Wireless.

Data Modes Audio Samples

The above files provide examples of a wide variety of data modes and can be used to train your ear or to test decoders.

2 thoughts on “Downloads

  1. I recently purchased your book for Radio Amateurs and decided to install Motioneye. All went well until the login invitation was seen. I failed to make progress so last week I bought your pre-loaded version of Motioneye for a Pi3. No matter what I input, IP address, user, pi or even the password for my BT Router, the software rejects all. What is the correct ‘login’ please?

    1. Hi Eric,
      Apologies for the slow response. You don’t need to log in to the Pi at all as it will only give you a command line prompt. To see the main program interface and controls you access MotioneyeOS through a web browser using your Pi IP address. You can use any computer on your local network to do this. Once you get to the web page you can login with admin and no password.



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