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RSGB Convention 2017 – Pi in the Shack Slides

The link below will take you to a PDF copy of the slides that I used for my presentations at the 2017 RSGB Convention.


Pi in the Shack-Mike Richards RSGB 2017

3 thoughts on “RSGB Convention 2017 – Pi in the Shack Slides

  1. Hi Mike, hope you are both well. Just wondered if your lecture “Pi in the Shack ” was videoed as didn’t make the convention?

    73 de Pihl G6DLJ (yes the Siskin bloke!)

    1. Hi Phil,

      Good to hear from you hope all is well. My talk was videoed but I don’t think they’ve finished processing the videos yet. Once they’re done, they’ll be posted on the RSGB website. If I can get my hands on the video of my talk, I’ll send you a copy or a link.

      all the best,

      Mike – G4WNC

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