bhi ParaPro EQ20-DSP Sound file

The following audio files have been provided to support my reviews of the bhi ParaPro EQ200-DSP power amplifier with noise reduction and parametric filtering.

The first recording shows an aeronautical VOLMET signal as folows:

0-20 seconds – Origian signal

20-40 seconds –  DSP Noise filter set to the mid position

40-60 seconds – DSP Noise filter plus 4dB boost at 800Hz and 6dB boost at 5kHz

MP3 Recording:

The following three recordings are from a local VHF VOLMET transmission

Recording 1 – Original signal

Recording 2 – Noise reduction only at setting 4

Recording 3 – Noise at setting 4.5, Bass at 600Hz -5dB, Treble at 2kHz +5dB

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