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bhi ParaPro EQ20-DSP Sound file

The following audio files have been provided to support my reviews of the bhi ParaPro EQ200-DSP power amplifier with noise reduction and parametric filtering.

The first recording shows an aeronautical VOLMET signal as folows:

0-20 seconds – Origian signal

20-40 seconds – ┬áDSP Noise filter set to the mid position

40-60 seconds –┬áDSP Noise filter plus 4dB boost at 800Hz and 6dB boost at 5kHz

MP3 Recording:

The following three recordings are from a local VHF VOLMET transmission

Recording 1 – Original signal

Recording 2 – Noise reduction only at setting 4

Recording 3 – Noise at setting 4.5, Bass at 600Hz -5dB, Treble at 2kHz +5dB

1 thought on “bhi ParaPro EQ20-DSP Sound file

  1. Umm-well; having listened to your recordings several times, then compared the results, I found the addition of the equalizer more intrusive; it adds additional “Treble” HF noise, while taking in account the settings you have used, with some bass.

    To me, the DSP is okay without the use of equalization, but then that’s just one opinion, and a pair of ears so far.

    However thank you, for taking the trouble to place these recording for our assessment; it allows us the buying punter, to decide.

    I would interested to know if the equalizer or DSP can be used independently of each other ? as the information seems limited from BHI on this item… and I be dammed ? there web-site has just crashed, when searching for a manual or down-loads !

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