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Airspy – Spy Server – Useful scripts

I’ve had Spy Server working very successfully with the Pi 3 for a while now and have written a few time-saving scripts that others might find useful. These can be found in the zip file below.

Here’s a quick run through their function:, and – These scripts automatically change the Spy Server config file to suit the different receiver options. Key parameters changed are device_type, device_sample_rate, fft_fps and initial_gain. These scripts are easily edited to suit your preferences. – This gets the latest Airspy files from github and installs them. – Manually download spyserver-arm32.tgz from the Airspy site and then run this script to unpack and install it.

NB: leaves the config file set for an Airspy receiver. Run the receiver scripts above to change this or edit the script for your setup.

NB: When using these scripts, you have to restart the Spy Server as the .config file is only read during start-up.

Click below to download the zip file:


Hope you find these useful,


Mike – G4WNC


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