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Raspberry Pi MotioneyeOS with BlueIris Security

The MotioneyeOS image for the Raspberry Pi makes a great, stand-alone, security camera or a wildlife camera. However, I wanted to be able to use the video stream as part my BlueIris video surveilance system. After much searching, I found the solution.

In addition to storing video files, when movement is detected, the MontioneyeOS software also supplies a video stream that can be used to provide a live view of what’s going on. This video stream uses the MJPEG format and is available on port 8081 of the Pi address. You can access this stream from any computer on the local network by using the Pi IP followed by :8081. Here’s an example for a Pi with IP address

To use this stream in BlueIris, you need to add a new camera and make the following settings in the video configuration panel:

  • Address: Use http://* NB: Use your Pi IP address!
  • User: admin and password empty
  • Make: Generic/ONVIF
  • Model: MJPEG stream
  • Media/video/RTSP port: 8081
  • Video Main stream: /mjpeg.cgi

Next you need to make a couple of changes in MotioneyeOS.

  • Login to your camera and go to Video Streaming
  • Switch Video Streaming ON
  • Set the frame rate and quality. I use 15fps and 75%
  • Turn Motion optimisation ON. This reduces the frame rate in the absense of movement and helps reduce the loading on the computer running the security system.

It’s worth being conservative with the video resolution and frame rates, especially if you’re using Wi-Fi for the camera links.

2 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi MotioneyeOS with BlueIris Security

  1. This works great! Simple yet elegant.

    Have 4 RPi’s (two 3’s +2 4’s) and they worked without a hitch.
    I actually forgot to go into MotioneyeOS and make the recommended changes, but no complaints from Blue Iris.

    Would you have any tips on getting a Wyze Outdoor Cam working on Blue Iris?
    I do have two Wyze Pan Cams sort of working. They are set up to use RTSP and for the most part they function effectively. But, maybe once a day or a little less often, they somehow lose the connection with Blue Iris even though the Wyze app can see them just fine and they never drop from that.

    1. Hi Andy,
      Glad to hear it worked for you. I haven’t yet cracked the problem with Wyze cams and their clones. I have a couple of Neos SmartCams that I’ve hacked to behave like Dafang units and am having the same problem. BlueIris loses connection several times a day, but direct access to the camera is fine. If I find the fix I’ll post it here.



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