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Installing & upgrading CQRLOG on a Raspberry Pi

Updated 17 July 2020 to add missing wildcards from the apt install line!

CQRLOG is one of the most complete contact logging programs for Linux and the Raspberry Pi, but building the latest version from source can be problematic. In this post I’ll show you a simple trick that simplifies the upgrade.

The main source of build problems is database configuration. The simple solution is to first install the old version of CQRLOG fom the Pi repository. To do that, open a terminal session (Ctl-Alt-T) and enter the following line:

sudo apt install cqrlog

By installing from the repository, all the supporting software, including the database application will also be installed. Once the installation has completed you should run CQRLOG by typing cqrlog. Answer’yes’ when asked if you want to store logs on the local machine. This will configure the database and could take a few minutes to complete. Once complete open a log and you will probably see prompts to download various updates, you should accept these. When you’re happy that everything looks ok, close CQRLOG.

With the old version installed and working, we can start the upgrade process. There are two parts to the process. The first is to install some prerequisite packages that are required to support the build. We then download the source code and build the latest version – all with just 6 lines of commands and here they are:

sudo apt install -y lcl*2.0 lazarus*2.0 fp*3.0.4 fpc*3.0.4 libssl-dev
cd ~
git clone
cd cqrlog
sudo make install

You can now start CQRLOG and you will find that you have the latest version.

Installing an old package from the repository can be a quick way to overcome build problems with other software. It doesn’y always work but can be worth a try.

Mike – G4WNC

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