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Radio User bhi Noise Elimination Review Sound Files

Here you will find a selection of sound files illustrating the noise elimination potential of the new bhi Dual In-Line and Compact In-Line units. For more information or to order, please visit the bhi web site. The sound samples were made by using a FUNcube Dongle Pro+ to capture an 180kHz wide IQ recording of the spectrum around 4.5MHz. This was then played back in a continuous loop using SDR Sharp with the demodulator tuned to Shannon VOLMET. The demodulated output of SDR Sharp was fed to the bhi unit under test and the line output was fed to a M-Audio Delta 44 soundcard where the result was recorded by Audacity and then exported as an MP3 file. Each recording comprises 10 seconds without noise reduction followed by 10 seconds with the indicated setting applied. This sequence is then repeated.

bhi Compact Setting 1:


bhi Compact Setting 2:


bhi Compact Setting 3:


bhi Compact Setting 4:


bhi Compact Setting 5:


bhi Compact Setting 6:


bhi Compact Setting 7:


bhi Compact Setting 8:

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