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bhi Dual In Line Noise Elimination – Sample Files

Having recently reviewed the new bhi Dual In Line Noise Elimination module for RadCom I have posted audio recordings of the DIL’s noise reduction performance below.

The recordings were made by replaying an IQ recording of part of the 14MHz band using SDR Sharp. The demodulated audio was passed to the bhi DIL for processing and the output from the bhi DIL was recorded to a wma file.

In each recording, the first section shows the signal without noise reduction followed by a similar section with noise reduction. This cycle is then repeated. The file name shows the DIL DSP setting that was used so the first file is for setting 2. In this example setting 4 and 5 give the best compromise between noise reduction and DSP artefacts.

These recordings are provided as an indication of the performance you can expect to see from the bhi DIL and the actual performance may very between installations.

DSP Setting 2:


DSP Setting 4:


DSP Setting 5:


DSP Setting 6:


DSP Setting 8:

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