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Installing Unsigned Drivers on Windows 10 or 11

There may be occasions where you need to install unsigned drivers on a Windows PC. This can be achieved using several methods, but my recommended technique is to temporarily disable the Windows driver signing enforcement. This is easy to do and exposes your PC for the minimum amount of time. I’ve shown step-by-step instructions below.

  1. Click the Windows icon and go to the Power menu
  2. Press and hold the Shfit key and select Restart
  3. The PC will restart in diagnostic mode
  4. Select Troubleshoot – Advanced Options – Startup Settings
  5. Click the on-screen Restart button
  6. The PC will restart and display the Startup Settings panel
  7. Press 7 – Disable driver signing enforcement
  8. The PC will now restart with the driver signing enforcement disabled
  9. Now you can go ahead and install your unsigned drivers
  10. When your unsigned drivers have been installed, restart the PC
  11. This will reset the driver signing enforcement so your PC is secured again

The Windows signing requirement only applies during driver installation so, once the drivers are installed, you can revert to normal enforcement rules without any ill effects.

Mike – G4WNC

4 thoughts on “Installing Unsigned Drivers on Windows 10 or 11

  1. Mike, I’ve been trying to install an unsigned driver for a hobby application. However, when I click on the Windows Icon, I get all of the installed apps, not a path to the Power Menu.

    Your instructions are very similar to what I used on a WIN Ten machine and they worked. but not for this WIN 11 one. What am I missing?

    PS. you might what to correct the spelling of Shift key.

    1. Charley,

      On Win 11 it’s the power button icon you want. Then follow the instructions. Thanks for spotting the typo!


      1. Thanks, Mike, I’ll give that a try today.

  2. Thanks Mike
    Worked for me using Windows 11.

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