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Front & rear panel graphics for the NanoKeyer

The NanoKeyer by Oscar, DJ0MY is an excellent project for which Oscar can supply blank PCBs. These are designed to fit in a Fischer case, which is, unfortunately, not available in the UK. However, there is a smaller alternative Fischer case that is available from Farnell. Here are the case details

Farnell order code: 2481096 cost is £21.28 each

The Fischer code for the case is: AKG105-30-100ME

To help with panel markings, I have produced PDF artwork that can be printed onto the clear, self-adhesive, film that’s available for inkjet printers. When using your printer, you must ensure it prints to scale. For this, you will need to deselect ‘fit to page’ or any other scaling settings. In addition to being useful for panel markings, the artwork can be printed onto plain paper and used as a drilling guide.

Click here to download the PDF: NanoKeyer Graphics

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