Data Sound Samples

This page contains links to a variety of data signals that have been specially recorded. Each file contains a standard test message (the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog) repeated twice. The files can help you learn the characteristic sound of various data modes but they can also be used to make sure your decoder is working. Just right-click on the link to save it to your computer.

AMTOR FEC test message

Feld Hell test message

MFSK 32 test message

MFSK 64 test message

MFSK16 test message

MT63_500 test message

MT63_1000 test message

MT63_2000 test message

Olivia 8_250 test message

Olivia 16_500 test message

Olivia 32_1000 test message

PSK31 test message

PSK63 test message

QPSK31 USB test message

QPSK63 USB test message

ROS 16_500 test message

ROS 16_2000 test message


V4Chat ARQ short file

V4Chat ARQ test message-01

V4Chat FEC test message pactor

2 thoughts on “Data Sound Samples

  1. Hi mike
    I am unable to decide which bourns rotary encode to use as rs and farnells do not seem to mention detents?
    Would it be possible to give me the rs or farnel part number of the right encoder.
    All the ones I found say the step sequence. At24
    Barrie kissack

    louis kissack is our dog this is my Microsoft account!
    Is it possible to have a forum to save you trouble with queries like this.
    As I only have my left arm -stroke a local ham will modify the mouse for me

    1. Hi Barrie,

      Just had a look and the Farnell site I visited at Farnell has a huge range and they clearly say whether they have detents or not. I’ve shown a link below so you can select to your budget.

      Mike – G4WNC

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