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Windows 10 Backup and Restore

Windows 10 still includes the Backup and Restore facility from Windows 7 but it’s been hidden! Here’s how to find it:

  1. In the Windows search box (bottom left of screen) enter: control panel
  2. Open the control panel and in the search box (top right) enter backup and restore (Windows 7)
  3. This will reveal the Windows 7 backup and restore tool that you can use to backup files and your system.

The System Backup will create an image of the essential partitions on your C: drive, but you can add other drives if you want. Unfortunately, there is no option for a scheduled system backup, so you have to remember to do it. Also, this image can only be used to restore the entire disk, you can’t extract individual files. The image produced by this backup can be used to restore your system using the recovery menu of the System Repair disk. This repair disk can be created using the ‘Create a System Repair Disc’ option.

The standard Windows Backup is designed to backup selected files and disks and can be configured to do regular backups. This standard backup can also be scheduled to automatically backup your important files at regular intervals. An often overlooked feature is the ability to tunnel into the backup to restore individual files.


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