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Raspberry Pi Ubuntu 15.10 Blank Screen

I’ve just wasted lots of time trying to get Ubuntu Mate 15.10 working so I could start work the WSJT-X build. No matter what I tried, I always had a blank screen. However, if I ran the card on a Pi with the new touchscreen I had a display.

The cause was my screen connection. I use an HDMI to DVI conversion lead to drive an old monitor. To get this to work under Ubuntu Mate 15.10, I had to make a change to the config.txt file on the µSD card. Here’s the process:

  1. Open config.txt
  2. locate the line: hdmi_drive=2
  3. Add a # to the front of the line so it reads: #hdmi_drive=2
  4. Save config.txt

That’s it!

The solution is thanks to glebanych on the ubuntu-community site




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