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Raspberry Pi Mains Switching



Controlling mains powered devices with the Raspberry Pi has always been a problem and one that I’ve previously handled by using relays to isolate the Pi from the mains. However, I’ve recently discovered a much neater solution from the folks at Energenie. They produce RF activated (433MHz) mains switches that are normally controlled by a small, handheld, remote control. Also in their range is the Pi-mote which comprises a pair of RF controlled mains sockets and a very neat RF board that plugs into the Raspberry Pi’s GPIO pins. The board is tiny at just 35mm x 35mm and includes the encoder, RF chip and PCB antenna. It is a very low profile unit so will fit inside many of the common Raspberry Pi enclosures. The unit comes with full interconnection diagrams, instructions and sample Python software that you can modify for your application

Here’s a link to Pi-mote 

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