Raspberry Pi RTL Dongle Server

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This card is configured to automatically connect to a network (Ethernet) and start the RTL-SDR server so you can be on the air with minimal effort. The supplied card will be either 8GB of 16GB and is supplied with printed instructions to help you get started. If you run into problems I offer direct support.

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This card contains all the software you need to use the Raspberry Pi as a remote server for an RTL based SDR Dongle. This card has been built using the latest Raspbian build and operates with all Raspberry Pi models. To help you get on the air quickly the card is configured to automatically start the dongle server and the network.  You just have to provide the RTL-SDR dongle and an Ethernet connection.

NB: Whilst this card can be configured to work on a Wi-Fi network I don’t recommend it because Wi-Fi networks are generally too slow to support the popular sample rates.

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1 review for Raspberry Pi RTL Dongle Server

  1. Pierre VE2JPH (verified owner)

    Just superb!

    I got it yesterday, tock less than fifteen minutes to install. It worked flawlessly; the document is very well written, easy to understand. I highly recommend this product.
    I am using it with a HF capable RTL Dongle to monitor wide part of the ham bands. It is to be a permanent installation in my shack.
    Thank you Mike,


    Pierre VE2JPH

    • Mike Richards

      Hi Pierre,

      Glad to hear it’s working well for you. I always appreciate some positive feedback. :-))

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