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PC-Raspberry Pi File transfer

Once you start using your Raspberry Pi you will doubtless find times when you need to transfer a file or two from your PC to the Pi. If your Pi is connected to your local network (Ethernet or WiFi) the easiest way is to use WinSCP (

WinSCP is a secure FTP client that requires minimal setup to work with the Pi. Once you’ve downloaded and installed WinSCP on your Windows PC, start a new connection using SFTP as the file protocol and Port No 22. Enter the IP address of your Raspberry Pi as the Host Name followed by pi as the username and raspberry as the password and save the connection. You will see your saved connection in the centre panel of WinSCP so just double-click to start the connection.

Once connection has been established, you will see two file manager panels. The left panel shows your PC whilst the right panel shows the Pi. To move files, just drag and drop between the two panels. You can also use WinSCP to rename and create directories on either machine.

If you are still using an early version of Raspian you will either need to run raspi-config to enable ssh or better still update to the latest version from

NB: If you don’t know your Raspberry Pi’s IP address, open an LXTerminal window and type: sudo ip a



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