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NanoVNA Saver on the Raspberry Pi

NanoVNA Saver is an excellent package that provides a host of useful featuers for owners of the NanoVNA V1 and V2. When looking around the Internet for Pi installation instructions, I found several conflicting and out-of-date posts, so decided to develop my own. I thought it might be helpful if I post my solution here.

NanoVNA Saver works well on the Raspberry Pi models 3, 4 and 400, but installation requires a few simple steps as shown here. These instructions assume you’re using the latest Raspberry Pi OS.

Open a terminal session (Ctl-Atl-T) and enter the following commands sequentially.

cd ~

sudo apt install -y python3-pyqt5 python3-scipy

git clone

cd nanovna-saver

sudo chmod +x ~/nanovna-saver/

You can now run NanoVNA Saver by entering: python3

To create a desktop link for NanoVNA Saver, use the following steps:

Create a new file called NanoVNA-Saver.desktop, add the following content and save it in the desktop folder.

[Desktop Entry]


Comment=Runs NanoVNA Saver from the nanovna-saver folder


Exec=python3 /home/pi/nanovna-saver/





3 thoughts on “NanoVNA Saver on the Raspberry Pi

  1. GREAT! Thank you very much! This was exactly what I was looking for.
    Best regards

    1. Hi Dieter,

      Pleased to hear it was useful. I went through a few iterations myself before I found a working solution.


      Mike – G4WNC

      1. I really appreciate people like you sharing their knowledge! My Linux skills were not at all sufficient to get NanoVNA-Saver to work on the Pi.
        I am considering building a standalone VNA with a NanoVNA 2plus4, a Raspi and a 10 inch touch screen.
        The alternative software would be NanoVNA QT. I found an AppImage that runs nicely on the Pi. It’s a quite slim but less powerful than Saver.
        Thanks again, Mike!
        Dieter DL5RDO

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