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SD-Cards Available


Pre-configured and tested Raspberry Pi SD-Cards are now available from the Shop. These are a great way to get started with your Raspberry Pi as you can just plug-in the new card, power-up and you’re in business. All cards are built to the latest Raspberry Pi distribution and can be easily updated later as new features are installed. Click to visit the Shop

6 thoughts on “SD-Cards Available

  1. Hi Mike,
    Data modes SD card arrived about an hour ago. Thanks so much.
    Also many thanks for writing such useful instructions, hints and tips to get me started.
    Eric G1SLP

    1. Hi Eric,

      Thanks for the positive feedback it’s always appreciated.

      Good DX – Mike – G4WNC

  2. Do these images support touch screen on the Pi?
    If not can it be added?

    1. Hi Paul,

      My Pi images are based on the current Raspbian build, however, there is a problem if you attempt to run WSJT-X, FLDIGI or QSSTV on a low resolution display. These packages are designed for use on a desktop computer with a display resolution of 1920 x 1080 or greater and don’t work properly on low-resolution displays. By way of example, if you run WSJT-X on a Pi with a typical 800 x 480 pixel touch-screen unit(like the Official Pi touch-screen), you will find that the interface overflows the display and some essential control buttons will be off-screen, thereby making the program unusable. This is not a Pi issue, just a screen resolution requirement of these programs.


      Mike – G4WNC

  3. Mike, got my Date Modes SD card recently. Is there a way to upgrade FLrig to the most recent version? I have Icom 705, and see it is now listed as a rig, under the latest version.
    Thanks Neil GM0PWS

    1. Hi Neil, Apologies for the delay getting back to you.
      The upgrade is quite straightforward but you do need to build FLRIG from source. I’ve shown the steps below. Please note, the build process takes a long time so just let it run.

      Open a terminal session Ctl-Alt-T and enter the following commands:
      cd ~
      tar -xzvf flrig-1.3.54.tar.gz
      cd flrig-1.3.54
      sudo make install
      make clean

      That’s it! You should have the new version installed over the old.



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