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Airspy – New Generation SDR Receiver

I’ve just completed reviewing the new Airspy SDR receiver and can tell you that it’s a very good little receiver that I’m sure will prove┬ávery popular. You can see full details in the next Radio User magazine.

Coverage is 24MHz to 1800MHz with no gaps and a 10MHz tuning bandwidth. The Airspy also uses a 12-bit ADC to give greater dynamic range. In addition to being a very competent receiver, there’s a SpyVerter on the way that will extend coverage down to the HF bands.

Although the Airspy demands a lot of USB bandwidth to run at 10MSPS, it can also be run at 2.5MSPS on older PCs but with slightly reduced S:N radio.

The following recording shows the difference by alternating between 10 seconds at 10MSPS followed by 10 seconds at 2.5MSPS.


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