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137MHz Polar Orbiting Weather Satellites

In my Radio User Decode column I’ve been describing a receiving station for the NOAA polar orbiting weather satellites and in this post I’m including a few examples so you can see the station’s capabilities. All the images are taken directly from WXtoImg with no other enhancements.

The station here comprises the following:

  • QFH Antenna as described by Bill Sykes and Bob Cobey HERE. This is mounted at about 3m above ground but with a reasonably clear view to the horizon.
  • Uputronics 137.5MHz filtered preamp mounted immediately below the antenna and 4.7V DC powered via a Bias-Tee. This is an excellent value preamp you can get from HERE
  • RG58 cable back to the shack (about 10m long)
  • Receivers are SDRPlay RSP-2 and AirSpy-1
  • Software is WXtoImg from HERE

Here are a few sample images:

Below: NOAA 15 near overhead pass

Below – NOAA 15 Low Angle Pass

Below: Another NOAA 15 low angle pass


Below: A NOAA-19 image from 21st Feb. The horizontal band near the top of the image was my fault as I knocked the receiver off tune!

NOAA 19 Weather sat image from 21st Feb 2017


4 thoughts on “137MHz Polar Orbiting Weather Satellites

  1. I made Steven Hanglands version of the Double Cross Dipole Antenna and I am retting some good images like yours.

    1. Hi John,

      Glad to hear it. The cross dipole antenna has been a favourite for some time. Mike – G4WNC

  2. Where do i find your full article on receiving and decoding wxsat images on the pi.

    1. Hi Alan,
      Sorry, I haven’t written an article about decoding Wxsat with the Pi, The Radio User article was windows based. However, the following link will take you to a solution:

      Weather Sat with the Pi



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