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Red Pitaya – Buyer Beware

My Red Pitaya failed recently after about 2 years of occasional use. It’s probably a 3.3V power regulator fault but the Red Pitaya team won’t supply component details and don’t have a repair option! So that’s £250 gone and not even an offer of a discount for a replacement board! As a result, I’ll be steering well clear of anything Red Pitaya in future 🙁


Mike – G4WNC



2 thoughts on “Red Pitaya – Buyer Beware

    1. Hi Peter,

      Thanks for your suggestion but those diagrams don’t help with the power supply fault I have. All the supplies are grouped in a single block labelled DC-DC converters! I don’t see how the power supply can be that commercially sensitive that they can’t release a device number to a customer with a fault! All I wanted them to do was to identify the location of the chip responsible for the 3.3V line and tell me the part number so I could order a replacement. Although the problem may not be the chip, it is a likely candidate and should be a cheap replacement, so worth trying first.

      PS: After I complained again they did offer a 10% discount but I’m not prepared to invest another £300 in a board with such poor support.

      Thanks again,

      Mike G4WNC

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