NB: I’m travelling from 14th to 24th November so shop orders will be delayed – sorry about that.

This is my radio and computing support site where you will find additional news and information to support my articles and columns in Radio User, Practical Wireless and RadCom. This site is the target for the following URLs:  g4wnc.com, g4wnc.net, photobyte.org,  hamdata.co.uk .

Raspberry Pi SD-Cards

Get on the air quickly with my pre-configured Pi SD cards. I have cards available for all the Pi models along with a special image configured to work with the Elad FDM-DUO, SDR transceiver.

The cards I supply are high quality 8GB SD-Cards (microSD with adapter ) pre-loaded with all you need and built using the latest Raspberry Pi software releases. Every card is individually tested and comes with detailed, printed instructions.

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