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RTL-SDR Segmentation Error Solved

Solving the rtl-sdr Segmentation Error on Raspbian (16-2-2015) The problem appears to be caused by the 11.1 version of libusb-1.0 that is used for the current Raspbian build. Upgrading to the latest version, 19.1, solves the problem. The following procedure upgrades libusb-1.0 to the 19.1 release. 1 – First step is to add the Raspbian […]

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Raspberry Pi Mains Switching

Pi-mote Controlling mains powered devices with the Raspberry Pi has always been a problem and one that I’ve previously handled by using relays to isolate the Pi from the mains. However, I’ve recently discovered a much neater solution from the folks at Energenie. They produce RF activated (433MHz) mains switches that are normally controlled by […]

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Waterproof Pi Case

Just taken delivery of one of the new PiCE. This is a great new all metal Raspberry Pi case from Elson Designs. The case is very well built and includes a camera mount as well as an assortment of blanking plates to cover different uses.  Elson have an offer on at the moment and some […]

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MathWorks News

MathWorks is used extensively by professional engineers as a design tool. One of the products that caught my eye was SimuLink which is a visual programming environment. SimuLink can be used for a wide variety of design problems but of particular interest to me is its use for Software Defined Radio. SimuLink has strong ties […]

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Perixx compact keyboard/mouse for Raspberry Pi

I’ve been looking for a compact wireless keyboard and mouse for use with my Raspberry Pi and think I’ve just found the ideal solution. The Perixx Periduo-707 Plus is a very compact wireless keyboard that measures just 320mm x 140mm. It has full size keys but saves space by not having a dedicated number pad. […]

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PC-Raspberry Pi File transfer

Once you start using your Raspberry Pi you will doubtless find times when you need to transfer a file or two from your PC to the Pi. If your Pi is connected to your local network (Ethernet or WiFi) the easiest way is to use WinSCP ( WinSCP is a secure FTP client that requires […]

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SD-Cards Available

Pre-configured and tested Raspberry Pi SD-Cards are now available from the Shop. These are a great way to get started with your Raspberry Pi as you can just plug-in the new card, power-up and you’re in business. All cards are built to the latest Raspberry Pi distribution and can be easily updated later as new […]

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