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Airspy – Spy Server – Useful scripts

I’ve had Spy Server working very successfully with the Pi 3 for a while now and have written a few time-saving scripts that others might find useful. These can be found in the zip file below. Here’s a quick run through their function:, and – These scripts automatically change the Spy Server […]

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Running SpyServer on a Raspberry Pi-3

NB: UPDATED 5th August 2017 – The following issues are fixed: Wi-Fi was unavailable after upgrading to Stretch. Reduced bandwidth option stuttering – fixed by a new version of Spy Server released 14/6/17 Changed the auto-run option to use /etc/rc.local and added an IP check and 30 second timeout. Installing SpyServer on a Raspberry Pi 3 […]

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Raspberry Pi Ubuntu 15.10 Blank Screen

I’ve just wasted lots of time trying to get Ubuntu Mate 15.10 working so I could start work the WSJT-X build. No matter what I tried, I always had a blank screen. However, if I ran the card on a Pi with the new touchscreen I had a display. The cause was my screen connection. I […]

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Raspberry Pi USB Sound

The Pi comes configured to use the on-board sound system by default. This a problem for those that want to use the higher quality or stereo in and out available from an external USB soundcard. The solution is to change the configuration so that a USB soundcard becomes the default sound system, when present. Here’s a […]

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Raspberry Pi – Auto-Start rtl-sdr Server

  Raspberry Pi Tips Auto-Starting rtl_tcp during boot To avoid having to use ssh to access the Pi and start the rtl_tcp stream, we can hook into the rc.local script to automatically start the server if an IP address is available and the dongle is connected. The rc.local service is used to run commands at boot […]

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