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UKHASnet Update

One of the highlights of the 2014 RSGB Convention for me was the opportunity to meet James Coxon and see his presentation on the formation and development of UKHASnet. For those that haven’t come across it, UKHASnet is a relatively new and rapidly developing low power data network. Initially designed for use by the High […]

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Android Decoding Software

Readers of my regular columns will know that I’ve recently been promoting the use of smartphones and tablets for decoding all manner of data signals. For Android based listeners the software from Wolphi LLC comes highly recommended. I have downloaded and used most of their software and at the moment they are clear leaders. No […]

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Apache Labs Anan 100D

Just got my hands on the new Anan 100D transceiver! Based on the HPSDR Project, it’s a great piece of hardware with loads of potential. I’ll be putting it through its paces in the run up to Christmas ready for review in PW.

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Contralube 770 Antenna and Contact Gel

Contralube is a fantastic synthetic gel that has been designed to protect electrical contacts and connections. It is suitable for all types of electrical connections from small signal RF through to high voltage and current systems. It has a breakdown voltage of 10kV and keeps water (including salt water) away from contacts. You apply Contralube […]

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