Running SpyServer on a Raspberry Pi-3

NB: UPDATED 15th June 2017 – The following issues are fixed: Wi-Fi was unavailable after upgrading to Stretch. Reduced bandwidth option stuttering – fixed by a new version of Spy Server released 14/6/17 Installing SpyServer on a Raspberry Pi 3 SpyServer is now available as a Linux app that will run on the popular and cheap Raspberry […]

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137MHz Polar Orbiting Weather Satellites

In my Radio User Decode column I’ve been describing a receiving station for the NOAA polar orbiting weather satellites and in this post I’m including a few examples so you can see the station’s capabilities. All the images are taken directly from WXtoImg with no other enhancements. The station here comprises the following: QFH Antenna as […]

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QFH Antenna Mast Drilling Template

Bill Sykes and Bob Cobey have produced of the best home-build designs for a weather satellite antenna on their web site at: QFH Antenna. Their instructions are easy to follow and the result is a robust QFH antenna that is tuned for the centre of the 137MHz weather satellite band. The only problem I encountered was […]

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Using a ThermApp Camera with a Raspberry Pi-3

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to install the software required to use the ThermApp thermal camera with the Pi. Once installed, you will be able to display thermal images using a standard video player such as VLC, mplayer, etc. Start with a fresh download of the latest Raspbian operating system. These instructions are based […]

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Raspberry Pi Ubuntu 15.10 Blank Screen

I’ve just wasted lots of time trying to get Ubuntu Mate 15.10 working so I could start work the WSJT-X build. No matter what I tried, I always had a blank screen. However, if I ran the card on a Pi with the new touchscreen I had a display. The cause was my screen connection. I […]

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